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Design & Construction

Product introduction
GT series pneumatic actuator is a kind of actuating device independently designed by our company by assimilating advanced technology from abroad, which features small and compact construction, light weight, and superior performance. Powered by compressed air, the  actuator executes opening and closing instruction to ball valve and butterfly valve. The angular travel could be turned clockwise or counterclockwise within a scope of 90°(please specify in purchase order if the requirement exceeds 90°). The actuator consists of two types: double-pneumatic control and single-pneumatic control. The powder of opening and closing the double-pneumatic control type is supplied by compressed air; however, the reverse travel of the single-pneumatic control type is done by spring compression.

Design features
1.Cylinder piston and end cover contain high-strength galvanized abrasion-resistant aluminum alloy shaft.
2.Compact piston rack construction, small and compact in size and light in weight.
3.All sliding contact faces adopt PTEE lining for the purpose of reduced abrasion and improved abrasion performance.
4.The multi-spring structure of single-pneumatic control type is similar to that of the double-pneumatic control type in terms of dimension, allowing the ease of shared parts.
5.Standard interface connection facilitates installation and linking of ball valve, butterfly valve, signal box and control gears.

Environmental conditions
1.Working medium: air, non-corrosive gas(the purchase order shall specify use in corrosive environment).
2.Pressure:0.4-0.7Mpa,1.0Mpa maximum.
3.Ambient temperature:Standard type-20℃~+90℃
                                  Special type-40℃~+160℃(specify)
4.Travel:90°±5°(90°may be exceeded in special order)
5. Place of installation: indoor or outdoor, optional.


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