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How to Specify the Correct Valves

Care should be taken to select the most suitable valves for your service(s). Exact specification of each valve should be made to avoid possible ambiguity. When requesting quotations and/or ordering the product a fully adequate description should be made.
(1) Selecting the Valve Size
Nominal size of the pipeline into which the valve will be placed must be determined.
(2) Valve Material
The following facts should be considered in determining the correct valve material:
• The medium or media which will be controlled,
• The temperature range of the line medium (media)
• The pressure range to which the valve will be subjected
• Possible atmospheric conditions which may affect the valve
• Safety standards and/or piping codes which must be met
(3) Valve and Connections
Considerations as to pipeline integrity, future maintenance, corrosion factors, field assembly, weight and safety should be given in determining the method of connecting the valve in the pipeline.


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